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"Comfort is the enemy of progress"



We’ve all been there. You want to get fitter, but the thought of entering any gym seems daunting…


YMCA Fitness are proud to offer something different in a sea of identi-kit, ‘me-too’ gyms. There are no gym bunnies or scary muscle-men who only want to preen in front of a mirror here.  Our classes are held in a fun, relaxed and supportive atmosphere, alongside like-minded individuals.


Our popular group sessions are run hourly and are instructor-led, channelling the best parts of a personal trainer, encouraging and pushing you at every step, but without any of the prohibitive, scary costs or shouting involved. They’ll help you along the road to your goals, with our other members also providing encouragement on your journey.


We’re not about the gymtimidation here. Join us and let's keep you unique.




But don't just take our word that what we do is different from everyone else out there. We ran a customer survey to find out what our community loved about us and what keeps them coming back.


Below are some excerpts of what they shared with us.

"It's a community, very friendly, people chat and have fun while exercising. It breaks the mould of a 'traditional' gym where nobody speaks"

"A members club that looks after its members"

"The level of friendship and the way everyone is automatically accepted and included"

"Friendly, personal approach geared to the individuals needs. Variation in exercises avoids boredom. Excellent staff!"



Unlimited gym sessions

(including Group Cycling, Kettlercise, Boxercise, Abs Explosion and Core & Stretch Classes)

£38.00 p/month

Pay as you go

£6.00 p/session

Weight Management

One of our most popular starting points for new members is our weight management program. Taking place over a 10 week period, this program will take a detailed look at your lifestyle, food intake, body composition  and more to help us guide you in achieving those important weight loss goals.


The course will also involve an initial consultation comprising of:


● Body composition analysis  (checking body fat, muscle mass and water levels) ● Blood pressure check ● Dietary advice ● A food diary to track food and liquid consumption ● An induction to exercise with your fitness instructor ●


Every 2 weeks there will be a follow up meeting (at a mutually suitable time for you and your instructor) to monitor your progress and make any adjustments needed to help you achieve your goals.

£115 for a 10 week course

GP Referral

We are proud to be part of Somerset County Council’s Public Health GP Referral Scheme.


Any healthcare professional (GPs, physiotherapists, chiropractors etc.) can refer you for many reasons - high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, depression, osteoarthritis or other musculoskeletal conditions.


£54 for an 8 week course



We're not your average gym. There's none of your archetypal gym-goers here, getting territorial over machines and putting you off ever coming back. Our members are from all walks of life and cover a huge and varied age range. But one thing they all have in common is the desire to get fitter. To help them, and hopefully you, in achieving their goals, we offer a range of classes.


Take a look below to see what we offer - if there's anything you like, please call us for more information.



Uniuqe Fitness - now YMCA Fitness

George Williams Centre

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Tel : 01278 726000

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